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Efficient windscreen chip repair services in Eastbourne, East Sussex and Kent

When you need to replace your windscreen, you need the expertise of a quality firm that provides comprehensive and reliable services. Call the professional team at JP Windshields for all your window glass repair needs.

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Damaged the windscreen of your car?

Don’t worry, the team at JP Windshields can help. If your windscreen needs replacing, there's no time to waste. Waiting any longer could damage your windscreen further and also disrupt visibility while driving, so call us today and we can come straight out to you and get the problem sorted. We offer market competitive prices without compromising on the quality of the service being provided.

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When should you opt for a windscreen replacement?

~When repairs are not possible
~Major cracks across the windscreen
~When the tint has become dull 
~After many years of rough use

Prompt & Efficient Service

The quality of our service is one of the many reasons we have repeat customers. Contact our team and we can fix your windscreen in no time. If you cannot drive your vehicle to us, give us a call and our mobile technicians will arrive at your location at the earliest available opportunity. We are serving around Eastbourne, East Sussex and Hailsham.

Reasons to choose JP Windshields:

~Professional windscreen chip repairs
~Excellent finish applied
~We'll come to you
~Multiple chip repair

Helping you fix your chipped windscreen in no time!

Chips can turn into cracks, which can lead to you needing to replace your whole windshield - but we're here to make sure that doesn't happen. Whether you've got a small chip, or a crack is starting to show in your car window, give JP Windshields a call and we can help prevent further damage.

If your chip has already turned into a crack, or you have had an accident and your windscreen is damaged, we're also experts at replacing windscreens. While this sounds like a costly affair, we pride ourselves on offering this service to you at affordable prices. Allow us to fix your windscreen and we are sure that you won't be disappointed. Read our customer reviews here to witness great customer care service.

If you are busy and have no time to drive down to us, don’t worry, our team will come to you.

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Is your windscreen damaged beyond repair?

Call us on 01323 847752 in Eastbourne.

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